About Us

At Starting A Business, we want you to start your business. It’s a simple desire based on the belief that small businesses create jobs, improve our communities, and overall, make everyone’s life better. A successful small business will be a business that has identified a community’s need and fulfills that need in an original way. After all, starting a business is simply the well-planned execution of an idea, and an idea is where every business starts.

As a group of individuals who have experienced various business successes and failures, our idea was to provide would-be entrepreneurs with a simple, informative knowledge base which you can use to start your business.

There are thousands of websites out there that analyze business-related issues in such intricate detail that the idea of starting a business becomes warped and wildly intricate. This is dangerous thinking, as many people with great ideas are scared off from launching their business, and honestly, most of the websites out there just aren’t helpful to someone wanting to start a business. That’s why we launched Starting A Business.

Starting a business is actually an uncomplicated process, and we’ll never let you think it isn’t. On our landing page, we created the most accurate and simplified Starting A Business Checklist in existence. Our main goal is to help you understand how real your business can be with a few simple steps.

For state-specific information, we created How to Start a Business Checklists for each state. And, of course, our homepage is the go-to source for the brightest, most-wide ranging, entrepreneurial thinkers on the Web.

So what are you waiting for? Quit reading about us and start thinking about yourself. Start your business today!